Spark of Hope - Diamond Card

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Do you know someone who is having a really hard time without all the dancing, parties and festivals? BKJN proudly presents: a 'Spark of Hope'. With a Spark of Hope, you can already give that next party as a present to the person who needs it the most.

Giving or receiving a Spark of Hope is the ultimate holiday gift, as it represents a ray of light at the end of a difficult year without going out and partying. This gift, in the Diamond version, gives you a VIP entrance ticket for a future BKJN event of your choice, such as Peacock in Concert, BKJN vs. Partyraiser, Titanium Festival or Frenchcore Worldwide. A Spark of Hope is valid for 3 years after the date of purchase and comes in a beautiful, luxurious box with matching gift wrapping. Go to for more information.

A Spark of Hope for you = a Spark of Hope for someone else
Because with every Spark of Hope, in addition to BKJN and the events industry, you also support the people who got in to financial problems due to the corona crisis this year. For every Spark of Hope sold, BKJN Events donates a full hot meal + breakfast/lunch to the Dutch Red Cross. The Red Cross helps people, who are not eligible for other forms of aid with food packages and grocery credits. More information can be found at

Make yourself and someone else happy by giving a Spark of Hope! 
Hang in there, 2021 will be our year! 
With love, BKJN Events